Operation Roundup

Operation Roundup is a community development program funded by the voluntary contributions of Tri-County EMC's customers to the Tri-County EMC Foundation. Contributions are made to the foundation when participants elect to have their monthly electric bill rounded up to the next dollar. For example a $75.45 electric bill would result in a total charge of $76.00 and a $.55 donation to the foundation fund. On average, donations will be about $.50 per month or $6.00 per year. Since Operation Roundup contributions are tax deductible, in January and December of each year a total annual contribution amount will be provided for your tax records.

Charitable donations are made by the foundation to worthy projects and needs within the eight-county Tri-County EMC service area. Organizations can apply to the foundation's nine-member board of directors who award funds quarterly based on the worthiness of each application and available funds. These organizations can also apply on behalf of individuals residing within the eight-county area. One hundred percent of funds collected are returned to the community through donations from the foundation.

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Operation Roundup is a strictly voluntary program. You may elect to add or remove an account from the program at any time. Just let us know that you would like to participate by completing the form below or contacting a Tri-County EMC representative by telephone. You will find an Operation Roundup contribution amount on each electric bill, telling you the amount of each month's contribution. Watch for updates on funded projects in Current Lines, our monthly newsletter mailed with your electric bill or on our website.

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