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Georgia Magazine

In addition to finding news in monthly issues of Current Lines our annual report, members can also read about news throughout the state with a subscription to Georgia Magazine

Georgia Magazine celebrates the Georgia lifestyle, revealing the spirit of its people and the flavor of its past in a friendly, conversational tone. General interest columns include Georgia Cooks, Getaways, expert gardening and landscaping ideas and Snapshot, a popular page of photos sent in by readers. Georgia Magazine also regularly produces special reader-friendly columns and sections about the electric industry.

Begun in 1945, the publication is sent to an average of 430,000 readers monthly.  The subscription is $9.00 per year, broken down into monthly payments of $.75 per month, included on your electric bill. You can subscribe by contacting us at 1.866.254.8100 or 478.986.8100 or completing this online form.