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Spring is in the air…and so are home projects! April marks the beginning of the peak period for outdoor projects in Georgia. In many cases, Tri-County EMC, Tri-CoGo, and other utilities run cable underground to provide service to your home. As your electric cooperative, we try to maintain a proactive approach and ensure that our members are practicing safe digging when considering their next home project. Whether you are planting a tree, constructing a backyard fence, or installing a new sprinkler system, always check that you are not digging near any buried electrical or fiber-optic cable. (74671001)

Be sure to contact 811 at least three business days before any digging project to ensure you are clear of any buried electrical or fiber-optic cable in your area. You can submit an eRequest online at, or call 811 to reach the automated system. From there, Georgia 811 transmits the location and description of the project to the affected member utility companies, who will be responsible for sending out a location technician to the proposed area. Once underground lines are marked, you will know the approximate location of utility lines and can practice safe digging. Failure to contact 811 can cause expensive damage resulting in the disrupted electric or internet service of an entire neighborhood, and you could potentially incur fines and repair costs. Before you dig, take the necessary precautions.

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