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We all know Georgia weather can be unpredictable. How early is too early to turn on your heat? Can your space heater serve as a placeholder until it gets really cold outside? Remember that while space heaters work great to supplement inadequate heating in a small space, having them as your main source of heat uses more energy than you think. (1062002)

In one hour of operation, a 1,500 watt space heater will use 1.5 kWhs of electricity while creating 5,120 BTUs of heat. In comparison, a 3-ton heat pump will use about 3 kWhs of energy to run for an hour while creating 36,000 BTUs. So, for the amount of energy used to run two space heaters for one hour, you could run a central heat pump large enough to heat an 1,800 sq. ft. home. Why the big difference in operating costs? Space heaters are energy hogs and use resistance elements to create heat. A heat pump uses an electric compressor and fans to move heat from one place to another through the refrigeration cycle. 

So, what are best practices when it comes to warming your home this winter? As your trusted energy advisor, Tri-County EMC recommends alternative solutions that do not require as much energy. First, open your blinds and drapes to open up your home to direct heat from the sunlight. Add weather-stripping on doors and windows and caulk the cracks to keep conditioned air inside and outdoor air from leaking into your home. Lastly, you can install recommended levels of insulation to lower heating costs. These tips may seem minor, but when practiced together can save energy.  

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