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The entire holiday season revolves around food. Whether you’re cooking a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving lunch or baking Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa, a lot of time and energy is spent in the kitchen. As we approach the holidays, keep the below tips in mind to cut down on your power bill.

  1. Match your pan sizes to the burner you’re using. Only large pots and pans should be placed on the large burners because any additional space not being used is a waste of energy. Also keep in mind that quality of your cookware also matters. Thick, stainless steel cookware is great for retaining heat.
  2. Clean your stove top burners and oven regularly. We know the last thing you want to worry about after you’ve cooked a full meal is cleaning up, but food build-up can affect the amount of energy needed to heat up.  
  3. Cook with small counter top appliances, such as toaster oven, when possible. Small appliances use less energy than a full-sized oven. If you do have to use your oven, be sure to keep the door closed. Every time you open the door to have a look at your meal’s progress, additional energy is used to replace the lost heat.

From our table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!



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