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Gone are the days when a simple flip of the switch was the only choice for illuminating our homes. While we still have this tried-and-true option, we’ve entered a new era of innovative technologies, which includes smart lighting. Smart lighting connects to Wi-Fi and offers an array of cutting-edge functionality and convenience. With the help of 100% fiber from Tri-County EMC’s internet subsidiary, Tri-CoGo, members can benefit from a variety of smart lighting options. 

Perhaps the number one benefit to using smart lighting in your home is the increased energy efficiency. Most smart bulbs utilize LED technology, which is much more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. With the holidays approaching, consider using LED lights on your Christmas tree or on the outside of your home. Smart lighting gives you more control over how and when you light your home, ultimately resulting in less energy used for lighting.

If you’re new to smart home tech and looking to start small, try a smart bulb in a high-traffic area of your home. Most smart bulbs can be controlled from an app on your smartphone or can be paired with your voice assistant, like Amazon Alexa. You can conveniently control lighting settings from anywhere in your home or when you’re away. Whether you want to set a schedule for lighting or adjust brightness levels, these smart options offer effortless control from the palm of your hand. Smart plugs are also a great starter option and allow convenient control of lamps or other lighting fixtures that are plugged in to a wall outlet. Electrical items that are connected to the smart plug can be controlled from a smart phone app, just like smart bulbs. (62994001)

Whether you’re looking for more convenience or better ways to manage your home energy use, smart lighting can provide multiple benefits. As your trusted energy advisor, Tri-County EMC can help you determine which smart lighting features are most important for your needs so you can start shopping! 

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