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October is National Co-op Month, and Tri-County EMC is joining cooperatives across the U.S. to celebrate. Cooperatives come in all shapes and sizes, but each has a common goal: to serve to its members.

There are nearly 40,000 cooperatives in the United States today, and 900 of those are electric co-ops. Electric co-ops power 56% of the nation’s landmass, bringing electricity to 42 million homes and businesses.

Electric co-ops, including Tri-County EMC, exist to serve their members. Because we are led by you, the members we serve, we can evolve to meet your needs. Similar to how we brought electricity to under-served rural communities in 1939, Tri-County is now providing 100% fiber internet service through its subsidiary, Tri-CoGo. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve you. 

Cooperatives help communities grow by working for the common good. While our purpose is to provide our membership with safe and reliable energy, our mission to enrich life in the communities we serve is equally important. Co-ops help communities grow by promoting economic empowerment, fostering community engagement, and supporting the unique needs of co-op members. “Concern for Community” is one of our core principles, and being community-focused is essential to everything we do. 

We will continue to listen and learn from our members about their priorities so that we can better serve you - because your electric co-op was built by the community, for the community. (66662001)

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