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Tri-County EMC’s Annual Meeting will take place next month on Thursday, October 19 at 2 PM at Tri-County’s office in Gray. An important part of the meeting is the election of the board of directors. All members can participate in the election without attending the Annual Meeting. Every Tri-County EMC member will be sent a ballot on September 19 - by mail or email. All members who cast a vote will have a chance to win a $500 bill credit or one of ten $50 bill credits. Last month we gave a brief overview of what to expect on this year’s election ballot. Below is an in depth look including biographies of the directors running for reelection and a synopsis of the proposed bylaws amendment.



Dan Greene - Incumbent - District 1, Post 1

Dan Greene was born and raised in Jones County. He is a graduate of Jones County High School and received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Georgia. He has worked in the dairy business throughout his life and was the co-owner of Greene Brothers’ Dairy. He is currently managing Greene Settlement Farms - a beef, cattle, and hay business. Dan and his wife, Beth, have three children, who all live in Jones County. He and Beth attend Bradley Baptist Church.

Brenda P. Green - Incumbent - District 2, Post 1

Brenda P. Green owned and managed an electrical construction contracting firm for 23 years. Prior to that, she began her career in the EMC world working for Pataula EMC and Oglethorpe Power Corporation. She is a Credentialed Cooperative Director – a certification from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). She currently serves as Chairman of Tri-County EMC, sits on the Georgia EMC Board, and has served on the boards of Central Georgia Technical College and Central Georgia Christian Food Bank.

Sammy Hall - Incumbent - District 3, Post 1

Sammy Hall is a retired educator of 31 years with the Baldwin County School System and currently serves as Vice Chairman of Tri-County EMC. He is a member of the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners and the Milledgeville Chamber of Commerce. Sammy graduated from Georgia Military College and Georgia College. He earned a Specialist and Master’s degree from the University of Georgia. He is a Credentialed Cooperative Director certified by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He and his wife, Linda, attend First Baptist Church in Milledgeville.



In addition to the election of director candidates, this year’s ballot includes a proposed amendment to the cooperative’s bylaws. The Board of Directors of Tri-County EMC recommends modifying the Bylaws to establish a “Record Date” to determine the total membership and the members entitled to:

  1. Receive a ballot, notice of a member meeting, or other similar document;
  2. Vote or otherwise act; or
  3. Sign a member petition, request, demand, consent, appointment, or other similar document.

If a member is suspended after the record date or becomes a member after the record date, the member is NOT eligible to do any of the above actions.

The purpose of the amendment is to set an eligibility date for members to vote and act in the business of the cooperative. As we grow, this will help the cooperative to more effectively and efficiently administer Member voting at Annual Meetings and other meetings.

Your Tri-County EMC board of directors whole-heartedly supports this amendment and asks that you vote “yes” on the ballot.


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