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September is National Preparedness Month and a great reminder that being prepared for severe weather can help keep you and your family safe. As your electric cooperative, it is Tri-County EMC’s duty to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. Without much warning, severe storms can hit our system with no guarantee that your home will maintain electricity. While our crews are standing by, we encourage members to have the below items in the event of an extended outage.


Have flashlights with extra batteries on hand. While candles can be a helpful light source, flashlights are the safer option.


Stock up on non-perishable food items that do not require cooking. For those with well service, have a case of bottled water on hand. Fill any bathtubs and extra pitchers with water as well.


Gather heavy clothes and blankets. If you have a working fireplace, stock up on firewood now. During the summer, you may want battery-powered fans.


Have a first aid kit and several days of prescriptions handy. Those who depend on electricity for medical devices may need to move to another location until power is restored.


Keep a battery-powered radio on a local station for weather updates and be sure to charge all cell phones before the storm hits.


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