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Tri-CoGo fiber internet is now available for Tri-County EMC members living in southwestern Baldwin County. This area (Zone 10 & 11) includes portions of County Line Church Road, Pancras Road, Horace Veal Rd. and Hwy. 22. 

Tri-CoGo has been constructing fiber within the Tri-County EMC service area since the business went live in May of 2021. Construction began in Jones County, and is now moving into Baldwin County, eventually making a ring throughout Tri-County EMC’s service area to make internet available to all EMC members. “There are many rural, underserved areas within the EMC service area that deserve to have fast, local and affordable internet and phone services,” said Greg Mullis, COO of Tri-CoGo. “Tri-CoGo is ready to provide that service.”

Zone 10 and 11 in Baldwin County represent the ninth and tenth zones to become eligible for Tri-CoGo’s fiber internet service since last September, with more nearly 2,000 customers in Jones County already having service. 

Tri-County EMC members interested in receiving internet or phone service from Tri-CoGo can pre-register at Pre-registered customers will be notified by email when service is available in their area.  

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