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ACE Hardware, State Farm, REI, Land O’Lakes and Tri-County EMC all share something in common: we are all cooperatives. October is National Cooperative Month. Each October, cooperatives of all kinds take the time to recognize and celebrate the cooperative business model. We may be in different industries, but we all share a passion for serving our members and helping our communities grow and thrive. 

When Tri-County EMC began in 1939, it was established to meet a need - to bring electricity to unserved rural areas. This would meet a need not only for our members, but for the greater good of our local communities. 

And our mission goes farther than meeting electric needs. We are committed to making our communities a better place through economic development projects, grant and scholarship programs, leadership programs and civic involvement.  

In addition to those commitments, we are working to meet the need of rural electric broadband internet service in our communities by constructing fiber lines around our service area. This will enhance reliability and operational services at Tri-County EMC while giving Tri-CoGo the ability to provide broadband internet service to each interested Tri-County EMC member. 

We hope you will think of Tri-County as more than a power company, but as a local business that supports this community and constantly looks ahead for the greater good. 

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