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Your mortgage, power bill, child’s orthodontist bill and car insurance payment are due on the same date. And now your air conditioning has gone out. Everyone has months where the bills and the money in your account just don’t add up. 

We’re making it easier for those months where you just need a little extra time. Tri-County EMC members now have the ability to make an arrangement to pay at a later date through the online member portal and the myTCEMC mobile app. 

“Payment arrangements have always been an option for our members,” said Dawn Haskins, CFO. “We’re just making the process more convenient. Instead of having to talk to a customer service representative to extend your due date, you can now set this up yourself.”

Making an arrangement will allow you to extend your due date until one month from the original due date. Members that are signed up for Automatic Bank Draft or Levelized Billing will not be able to make an arrangement without removing their account from these programs. Members can have no more than two broken payment arrangements in a 12-month period. (5901001)

To make an arrangement online, visit and click on “Your Account”. Under the “Payments” tab, click on “Payment Arrangement” and follow the prompts from there. 

To make an arrangement through the myTCEMC app, first open the app and log in. Click on the account you would like to make the arrangement for. Select the top left menu and then press “Payment Arrangement”. 

For other ways to make paying your utility bill easier, visit

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