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For busy people, time is a valuable commodity. While our customer service representatives are always ready to help, there are times where a faster solution might be right for you. These automated tools help you skip to the head of the line.

Using the App:
Manage your account anywhere and anytime with the mytcemc app.Track usage, check account balances, set alerts, report outages, or make payments, all with just a few taps on your smart phone. And while a 2.45% fee is charged on credit card charges, e-check payments, which require a profile to be set up on your account, are only a $0.60 fee. Either way, it’s a fast and convenient way to pay your bill. You can find the mytcemc app in the Apple or Android app store.

The Automated Phone System:
Our automated IVR, the voice response phone system, is the fastest way to do business by phone. If your phone number is up to date on your account, the system will recognize you from caller ID, speeding up outage reporting. Making payments is fast with the IVR, too. Using either the keypad or voice prompts, you can quickly take care of your account. For your protection, you’ll need to enter your account number to check an account balance or make a payment.

Outage Texting:
You can report a power outage simply by texting us. You will need to enroll your account in the system prior to use. You can find all of the details on our website at

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