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Decorative ImageBeginning in April, Tri-County EMC will work with NaturChem for herbicide application to keep trees, brush and foliage from interfering with the delivery of your electric service. Overgrown trees and other vegetation within 15 feet of overhead power lines are trimmed year-round. Herbicide is applied in five-year cycles. This year’s herbicide application will occur in northern Wilkinson County, northern Twiggs County, and central and southern Jones County. The map to the right shows the general area where the maintenance will occur. For a full list of addresses that will be affected, visit Only nonrestrictive,
nonresidual chemicals are used. Landscaped areas such as lawns, streams or ponds will not be sprayed. (75334003)

When planting trees this spring, always be sure the width of the foliage of the mature tree will not grow within 15 feet of each side of a power line. It is important to keep trees, limbs and climbing plants away from power lines to prevent outages and power blinks.

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