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Disaster-Proof Your Account

It is our goal to make the bill payment process as easy as possible for you. While many members enjoy coming to the office to pay a bill, an increasing number of members want to pay online via the myTCEMC app or our website. We want you to pay using the method most convenient for you, but we also encourage you to plan ahead. Whether you’re going to be out of town for a family vacation, have a sudden work trip or an unexpected illness that takes you away from home, we want to make sure we keep power running to your home.

Photo Caption: This family is paying their power bill without taking a minute away from their summer vacation thanks to Automatic Draft.  

Automatic Draft:
If you travel often, are pressed for time or simply don’t want to worry about getting your electric bill paid on time each month, Automatic Draft may be a good option for you. Elect to have your monthly electric bill drafted from your bank account, or charged to your credit card (2.54% fee), each month on the due date. This will give you peace of mind by knowing your account is up to date and will help you avoid late fees. Click here to learn more.

Tired of having paper bills stacked on your counter? Or worried you will be out of town when your bill arrives? As an alternative to standard paper billing, eBilling lets you get a notice of your monthly electric bill through email. The monthly email will include a link taking you directly to your current month’s bill statement.
myTCEMC Alerts:
By signing up for alerts through the myTCEMC app, you can get reminders of your due date sent directly to your phone. You can also get high usage alerts to let you know if you’ve reached a certain number of kWhs for the month, giving you a warning to cut back on your energy usage. Other reminders available include an Account Profile Change Alert, Returned Check Alert, Past Due Reminder and a Payment Confirmation. Reminder. All alerts can be sent via text message, email, push notification or voice alert. Click here to learn more.

Update Your Account:
We know people are busy. And we know unforseen circumstances arise. So before we cut off any account for non-payment, we always send a disconnect letter and make a courtesy call to the phone number we have on file to let you know your bill is past due and you are pending disconnection. But, in order for us to get in touch with you, your phone number must be up-to-date in our system.

Let Us Know:
Keep us posted about anything going on in your life that might affect your account. Whether it be an extended illness or hospitalization, lengthy travel or natural disaster, let us know what’s happening with you so we can work with you to keep the power flowing to your home.