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In December 2016, the Tri-County EMC Foundation Board approved grant projects, totaling $19,050 in Operation Roundup funds, to benefit organizations or individuals in local communities. The organizations that received funds this quarter are:

Clifton Ridge Science Olympiad Team: $450 to help cover the cost of sending 30 students to compete in the Science Olympiad competition in February.

Grace 215 Inc.:  $2,500 to go towards the purchase of a Disaster Response Unit, including chainsaws, safety equipment, ladders and tarps, that will be used in the middle Georgia area to administer assistance after natural disasters.

JACOR Foundation: $5,000 to go towards the construction of an inclusive playground in Jones County.

Jasper County Mentor Program: $600 to purchase books for mentees in the program.

Lake Oconee FCA: $1,500 to be used for partial scholarships for lower income students to attend FCA’s Winter Recharge Camp.

Meals on Wheels of Middle Georgia: $5,000 to provide meals for individuals in need in Jones County.

Putnam Community Resources: 2,500 to purchase food for a food bank to serve those in need in Putnam County.

Milledgeville First United Methodist Church: $1,500 to repair the floors in the home of an individual in need in Baldwin County.


Operation Roundup is funded by the voluntary contributions to Tri-County EMC members to the Tri-County EMC Foundation. Participants in the program have their monthly bill rounded up to the next dollar, with that surplus amount going to fund Operation Roundup. Any individual wishing to make a tax-deductible donation to the foundation may contact Kim Broun at 478.986.8126 or make a check payable to: Tri-County EMC Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 487, Gray, GA 31032.

Any non-profit, civic, religious or government organization located within Tri-County’s eight county service area are eligible to receive funding. Applications must be for special needs or projects. No applications for contributions to an organization’s general funds will be accepted. Applications may be downloaded from or mailed upon request by calling 478.986.8126.

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