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Tri-County EMC representatives are issuing a warning to the cooperative's members regarding a possible phone scam. The alert follows a recent report of someone calling a cooperative member claiming to represent Tri-County EMC. The scammer threatened to disconnect the member's power if he did not immediately make a payment over the phone via credit card.

This was not a legitimate call from Tri-County EMC and is not in line with the cooperatives procedures. While Tri-County EMC does use phone contacts to communicate important information, including past-due courtesy calls, members will never be forced to make a payment over the phone to avoid having their power cut off.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to represent Tri-County EMC who tries to force you to make a payment over the phone, please be aware that this may be a scam. If you are ever suspicious of a caller, hang up the phone and call Tri-County EMC before giving out any sensitive information. If you do receive a suspicious call, please report it to Tri-County EMC at 1.866.254.8100 and also report it to your local law enforcement.

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