Sun Power for Schools

Georgia’s EMCs, together with Green Power EMC, developed Sun Power for Schools in 2005 as a partner in education program providing an in-class solar learning laboratory for students across the state. The program provides participating schools with on-site solar panels and the software necessary to study energy produced by the sun. Sun Power for Schools is the largest solar education program in Georgia.

The Sun Power for Schools program features the latest in solar technology, with upgraded solar systems and new monitoring software. Students use the real-time data and learning laboratory to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy. 

Along with the latest equipment, Green Power EMC and its partners developed a dedicated curriculum designed to complement and reinforce the school curriculum standards for science and math. In addition, schools seeking to provide science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs will benefit from the learning laboratory included with the program. The curriculum for the Sun Power for Schools program was developed by the University of West Georgia, in partnership with Green Power EMC. The program provides lessons appropriate for middle school students, others for high school students, and some that can be used at either level. The curriculum is divided into a series of lesson plans that cover four primary areas: 1) physical science, physics, and chemistry; 2) math; 3) biology and environmental science; and 4) earth science.

Tri-County EMC’s solar panel, located at Putnam County High School in Eatonton, is a 1 kW grid-tied photovoltaic system. Click here to see historical data from the Sun Power for Schools solar panels.