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Establishing Commercial Service

To establish commercial service, all customers must apply for service either in person or via telephone and pay a $25 account establishment fee and a refundable $5 membership fee. Current members are not required to pay an additional membership fee, as multiple accounts can be held under one membership. To establish service, contact us at 1.866.254.8100 or complete this form.

Commercial Deposit Schedule

Members applying for new commercial accounts are required to provide a deposit or other security. For existing facilities, two (2) times the average monthly bill for the location will be required. For new facilities, members are required to pay a deposit calculated by multiplying the square footage of the site by the rates for business types listed in the Commercial Deposit Schedule.

Establishing an account at an existing Tri-County EMC service

After applying for service and paying all applicable fees and deposits, service will be connected within three working days.

Establishing an account at a new location

After applying for service and paying all applicable fees and deposits, your new service should be completed within fourteen days of the date of inspection by the county planning and zoning inspector.

Commercial or Industrial Construction

Either overhead or underground service is available for commercial or industrial facilities in a variety of voltage and metering options. Tri-County EMC engineering personnel will determine specific availability of options and actual construction costs.


Nothing accents your business like well designed, attractive and functional outdoor lighting.  Your customers will appreciate the safety and security of well-lighted premises, not to mention the added curb appeal professionally designed and installed lighting can produce.

Whether you need street lighting for a new subdivision, area lighting for retail or parking areas, or security lighting for any type facility, our staff can help you find the layout and fixtures to meet your expectations and your budget. To contact a representative, simply complete the inquiry form below or email questions to

To access Tri-County EMC's Rate Schedules effective October 1, 2021