Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

Tri-County is an electric membership cooperative. As consumer-owners, Tri-County members are able to actively participate in the cooperative's business. Upon applying for service, members pay a fully refundable $5 membership fee. While a member may have any number of electric accounts, one customer has only one membership and therefore one vote in cooperative elections.

Annual Meeting

The cooperative's annual meeting is held during the fall of each year. Tri-County members will be notified of the meeting date through Current Lines, the cooperative's monthly newsletter. A ballot package will be mailed to each member thirty days prior to the date of the meeting, allowing every member to participate in the election of directors, bylaw changes or other cooperative business.

Capital Credits

Capital credits or excess margins are invested in distribution facilities and general plant operations instead of borrowing additional capital.  Active members receive a capital credit refund as a bill credit.  Capital credit refund checks are mailed to former members. Often, valid addresses cannot be found for past members. In instances where refunds are returned by the U. S. Post Office as "undeliverable" or have otherwise been unclaimed, these funds are held by the cooperative for five years.  At the end of five years, the funds are then placed in a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 fund where they can be used for community education or economic development as permitted by the O.C.G.A. § 44-12-236 of The Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act.

If you have questions further questions about capital credits, please contact 478.986.8105 or 1.866.254.8100, Ext. 8105. 

Corporate Bylaws

Click here to download an PDF of Tri-County EMC's bylaws. A copy can be mailed to you upon request.