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Cooperative Solar

With ourSolar, Tri-County EMC members have the opportunity to get solar generation for your home or business without any of the risks of installing solar panels on your roof or property. The energy for ourSolar will come from our 1 MW solar array. The 10-acre site has over 4,200 solar panels and generates over 2 million kWh annually. The facility is located adjacent to our Eatonton District Office in Putnam County. 

For $20 per month for each 1.22kW  block, you will have all of the energy generated by your block credited against the normal usage on that month’s electric bill. Each block should generate approximately 160 to 250 kWh per month. Best of all, there is nothing to install or finance and no contract. You can end your participation at any time, although to rejoin you must wait twelve months. Only traditional accounts can enroll in ourSolar at this time. Pay-Your-Way accounts are not eligible.

Cooperative Solar Advantages

  • No installation or maintenance costs for you
  • No holes in your roof
  • Lower costs per kWh through economies of scale
  • No issues with shading or roof direction
  • Renters or homeowners with restrictive covenants can participate
  • No up-front costs, financing, or long-term contracts
  • Limited to 4 blocks per account

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