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Speakers Bureau

Safety Education

Tri-County EMC offers safety education programs for adult and children's groups. These programs feature live demonstrations of the hazards of contact with power lines and practical safety tips for avoiding dangerous situations. Demonstrations are available for civic, social or government organizations as well as public or private schools. To schedule a program or demonstration for your organization, contact Tri-County EMC's Manager of Safety and Training, Clate Hollinshead, at


Additional programs and demonstrations

The operation of a modern electric utility gives our professionals unique training and valuable experience often interesting and informative to our members and the community.  From saving money on home electric bills to understanding national deregulation issues or environmentally friendly energy, our Speaker's Bureau offers the opportunity to bring this information to you and your organization.  Tri-County representatives are available for civic or social organizations throughout our service area.

Speakers and multimedia presentations are available for the following topics:

General Energy Efficiency

Green Power EMC and Earth Friendly Energy

Meeting Energy Needs for Today and Tomorrow


Electrical Safety (age specific for adult or children's groups)

Operation Roundup and the Cooperative's Role in our Community

Additional topics may be available.  The availability of all cooperative representatives is subject to individual schedules. 

To schedule a Tri-County EMC representative for a speaking engagement, contact Kim Broun at (478) 986-8126 or