Membership Benefits

Economic Development

Tri-County EMC provides a wide variety of economic and community development services to assist both new and existing businesses and the cities and counties within our service territory. By enhancing the economic vitality of the communities we serve, Tri-County's residential and commercial members benefit through economic growth and quality of life.

Through our collaboration with Georgia EMC's Economic Development Department, Tri-County can help both local communities and prospective businesses with site selection and planning. A comprehensive searchable database of available buildings and industrial sites as well as community data is offered at Georgia EMC's Georgia Center for Site Selection website. Site planning and aerial photography services are also offered.

Facilitation services are available to local governments, chambers of commerce, development authorities and local leadership organizations to help create strategic plans for the future, team building and leadership development programs, and presentations and training programs to assist community leaders in the execution of their economic development plans.

Customer Choice

The 1973 Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act assigned exclusive service territories to Georgia electric utilities while also providing retail competition for large commercial and industrial loads. The opportunity for a business to make a one time choice of electric providers occurs in the following circumstances:

  • A new connected load of 900 kilowatts or greater, excluding redundant equipment, at initial full operation
  • In an area designated as having "corridor rights." These rights occur when one supplier's service lines cross another supplier's assigned service area. Customers within the corridor may have the right to choose the electric supplier that owns the service line
  • Other potential customer choice situations which require determination by the electrical supplier's personnel.

If you have questions about Customer Choice and establishing service for a large electrical load, please contact a Tri-County EMC representative.