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Have a licensed electrician properly install a backup generator and obtain a fuel supply to run it. Georgia law requires you to have a properly installed transfer switch. A transfer switch isolates the generator from our lines and eliminates feedback to the electric system. Feedback can electrocute anyone coming in contact with wires your generator has energized. If you don't have a transfer switch installed, plug appliances directly into the generator using a properly sized extension cord.

While your home's electricity is likely your main source of power, there may be other sources around your home as well. Buy an external power pack or a car charger to charge your cell phone. You can also buy a power inverter to plug into your car to run other small household items as well. 

Purchase a Generac Generator

Reliably delivering electricity to your home is a priority for Tri-County EMC, but sometimes the co-op is no match for Mother Nature. Severe weather events can disrupt power here in Middle Georgia, depriving our homes of the electricity we depend on.

An extended electric outage is more than an inconvenience these days. More people are working and schooling from home, and those activities often demand electricity­ powered technology. Backup power solutions are becoming increasingly necessary. 

Tri-County EMC has teamed up with Gresco Utility Supply, its materials supply cooperative, to make it easy for members to purchase and install a Generac Generator in their home at a competitive price. In addition, Tri-County EMC members can apply for a loan to pay for the generator through Go Energy Financial Credit Union. If you are interested in purchasing a generator, contact Gresco at 478.315.0817 to receive a free quote.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. A Generac generator will provide service to an average 2,500 square foot home. 

Yes. A 5-year warranty is offered automatically from the start. 

Due to COVID-19 logistic issues, the current lead time is about 30 weeks. However, GRESCO maintains an inventory of Generac products, which gives Tri-County EMC members a significantly shorter lead time for installation. 

This program allows Tri-County EMC members to purchase a Generac generator at a lower cost than buying from large retail franchises.

Yes. Gresco Utility Supply offers commercial Generac generators that support up to 250 kW of energy at the same discounted pricing as residential generators.

No, but Tri-County EMC members can apply for financing through Go Energy Financial Credit Union. Click here to apply for a loan or call Go Energy Financial at 470.514.3000. Visit to learn more.