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No Sweat

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Thank you for your participation in the No Sweat Load Management Program. The No Sweat program will be discontinued in 2018. Thanks to newer technologies, Tri-County has developed more effective and less invasive ways to reduce our system load on peak demand days. 

The No Sweat load management switch(es) currently connected to your home’s air-conditioner(s) can certainly stay in place. They will not be operated and will have no impact on your air-conditioning systems as they will not be receiving signals from us. We will, however, remove the switches at your request. Should you choose to have the switch(es) removed, please complete this brief form. You will need to include your account number and the number of switches you wish to have removed.

Again, thank you for your participation in the No Sweat program. Your willingness to work to make your cooperative better is commendable and we look forward to talking with you in the future about new programs and opportunities.