No Sweat

Your air-conditioner or central heat pump is one of the biggest energy users. By participating in No Sweat, you can make sure your home’s air conditioning makes the smallest possible impact on future energy needs while putting money back in your pocket.

Rarely, if ever, will your air-conditioner run continuously, even on the hottest days. On peak electric days, about 10 to 20 days each summer, No Sweat uses smart technology to briefly stagger air-conditioning run times of participating customers. While your air-conditioner or heat pump is running, a participating neighbor’s system may be paused. The maximum time any system can be paused at one time is about seven minutes. And the indoor blower will still operate, keeping cool air circulating. Most customers will never notice that the program has been activated. After all, it’s No Sweat.

  • The No Sweat Air-Conditioning program is available only to residential customers.
  • To qualify for the $25 credit, you must maintain participation in the program from June 1 - September 30. Your $25 credit will be applied to your October bill.
  • If you participated in Tri-County’s previous load management program, you must upgrade, at no cost to you, to No Sweat to receive the $25.

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