Items of Interest

How We Prepare

  • Most outages occur when trees fall on power lines due to high winds or frozen precipitation accumulating on the branches. By having a right-of-way trimming program in place, contractors keep trees and other growth trimmed away from power lines. This allows for fewer overall power outages and allows our lineman to have better access to power lines. 
  • We provide multiple ways for our members to report an outage. By reporting your outage via text, email, website, app or phone, we will be able to get your outage into our system quickly.
  • Our dispatchers are constantly watching the weather and monitoring our service area through our mapping system.

  • We have agreements in place for mutual aid in times of crisis and contact other EMCs and contractors to secure help before the damage.

  • We keep an extra stock of commonly-used materials like poles, transformers, reclosers and wire on hand and have vendor arrangements to get additional materials in short order.