Tri-County EMC's 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 17 at 2:00 PM at the Tri-County EMC office in Gray. Directors from Post 3 of Districts 1, 2 and 3 are up for re-election this year. Members are encouraged to cast their vote for a chance to win up to $500. Instructions on how to vote, via online or by paper, are included below. 

All members that cast a vote in the election will be entered to win a $500 cash prize. Tri-County EMC is owned by its members, so member participation in the annual election is a crucial part of a successful cooperative. 

If you are interested in serving on the Tri-County EMC board of directors, click here for additional information. 



If you enrolled in online voting before August 30, an email with instructions on how to cast your vote was/will be emailed to you on September 16. If you did not receive that email, please check your Junk Mail folder and search for it using the email information in bold below. If it is not in your inbox or cannot find your login information, click here to have it resent to you. Online voting will close at 5:00 PM on October 15.

From: Tri-County EMC Election Coordinator, mailto:noreply@directovote.net
Subject of the Email: Tri-County EMC 2019 election login information below

To enroll in online voting for future elections, click here. If you did not enroll in online voting this year, you will still have the option to vote online. Instructions will be printed on the paper ballot you receive via mail. 

If you did not enroll in online voting, a paper ballot was/will be mailed to you on September 16. If you misplaced your ballot, or did not receive a ballot, please contact Kim Broun at kimb@tri-countyemc.com or 478.986.8126 to have another ballot mailed to you. All paper ballots must be received by the cooperative by 12:00 PM on October 18. If you plan to attend the Annual Meeting, you can also bring your ballot with you to the meeting on October 17 at 2:00 PM at the Tri-County EMC office in Gray, or return it by mail using the envelope provided.  

If you, the member, are unable to attend the Annual Meeting and would like another person to vote for you, please complete this form and have your designated voter bring it with them to the Annual Meeting.

Any Tri-County EMC member whose account is listed as a business, church, club or other organization should use this form to designate a voting representative for the Annual Meeting. The form must be completed and notarized prior to arriving to register at the Annual Meeting. 

If you did not receive a ballot via mail or email, contact Kim Broun at kimb@tri-countyemc.com or 478.986.8126.



Board of Directors

District 1, Post 3 (Bibb, Jones and Twiggs Counties)

Cecil Patterson (Incumbent)
Cecil Patterson earned a B.A. from Mercer, a master’s degree in educational administration from GC&SU and a specialist’s degree from Clarke-Atlanta University. He worked for JCHS for many years serving as a high-school coach, Gray Elementary School as Principal and Executive Director of Jones County Schools before his retirement in 2013. His honors include Citizen of the Year, All-American Baseball Player at Mercer, Hall of Fame Inductee at Mercer and Coach of the Year for 9 years. He and his wife reside in Haddock.


District 2, Post 3 (Jasper, Morgan & Putnam Counties)

Mike Rainey (Incumbent)
Mike Rainey is a lifelong resident of Putnam County and owner of Briarpatch Farm. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mike has been in the farming community for 45 years - dairy farming for the first 30 and currently raising dairy cattle for other dairymen. He also maintains a herd of Angus cattle. He served on the steering committee for the Georgia National Fairgrounds and as a director for Georgia Milk Producers. He has also been involved with of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Christian Learning Center in Putnam County. Mike and his wife, Kathy, host numerous charitable fundraisers on their farm. Mike and Kathy are members of LakePoint Community Church and are parents to 7 children and grandparents to 11 grandchildren. 


District 3, Post 3 (Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties)

Marion Nelson (Incumbent)
Marion Nelson earned his associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia Military College and has a B.S. in Biology from GC&SU. He served as a ranger for the Ga. Department of Natural Resources for 34 years. He recently retired after 10 years as an Environmental Enforcement Officer with Baldwin County. Mr. Nelson serves as a director of Tri-County and is a volunteer with the Baldwin Co. Fire and Rescue Squad. He and his wife, Harriett, have a daughter and a son, and attend the First Baptist Church in Milledgeville. 






In addition to the election of director candidates, this year’s ballot includes four amendments to the cooperative’s bylaws. These amendments are all proposed and supported by the cooperative’s board of directors. The first three are part of our efforts to keep our governance and our election process transparent and accessible. The fourth is an effort to align our bylaws with modern technology. The video below gives a short overview of the amendments. Detailed explanations are included below. 

Amendment 1: Article 3, Section 3.08/ Article 4, Section 4.06: 
We propose eliminating nominations for candidates for the board of directors from the floor of the annual meeting. Nominations would either be made directly to the nominating committee or by petition.

Nominations from the floor are a holdover from a time when votes could only be cast by those members present at the annual meeting. Today, most members vote by mail and not in person, with few present to see or make nominations at the annual meeting. We believe the nomination of members only through the nominating committee or by petition will allow for a more consistent and open process to all nominees and voting members.


Ballot Question:

1.Shall the Bylaws of Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation be amended to delete from the Bylaws the nomination of Director Candidates at the Annual Meeting of Members?

Article 3, Section 3.08, Item 8 would be deleted and Article 4, Section 4.06, in the last paragraph thereof shall have the language deleted after the first grammatical sentence, as shown below.

There shall be no nominations for director from the floor for the current year’s election.  The presiding Chairman at the meeting shall call for nominations from the floor for those vacancies which occur at the next annual meeting and shall ascertain and announce after each nomination from the floor, the particular Directorate District from or which the nomination has been made and, when such be the case, the full three or remaining year term for which nominated.  Those persons so nominated from the floor will be included on the ballot at the next annual meeting.


Amendment 2: Article 4, Section 4.06:  
We propose increasing the number of days between the nominating committee meeting and the annual meeting from 90 to 120 days. The additional 30 days allows time for a member to be nominated by petition following the meeting of the nominating committee.

Ballot Question:

2.Shall the Bylaws of Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation be amended to provide that the Board of Directors shall convene the committee on nominations not less than one hundred twenty (120) days before meeting of the members at which Directors are to be elected?

Article 4, Section 4.06 shall be amended to change ninety (90) to one hundred twenty (120).

Amendment 3: Article 4, Section 4.06: 
We propose reducing the number of signatures necessary to qualify for Director Nominations through the petition process from 100 to 50 member signatures. We believe that ease of accessibility to the ballot for qualified members is important. Therefore, we support lowering this threshold to qualify for the election. (31013001)

Ballot Question:

3.Shall the Bylaws of Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation be amended to provide that any member who desires to be placed on the ballot for Director nominations through the petition nomination process shall only need fifty (50) or more members of the Cooperative acting together over their signatures to make a Director candidate nomination by petition?

Article 4, Section 4.06 shall be amended to change one hundred (100) to fifty (50). 


Amendment 4: Article 4, Section 4.14:  
We propose that the bylaws be amended to allow for electronic participation, either by video or telephone, of board members at regular or called meetings. Currently, board members must be physically present to participate, either for the purpose of establishing a quorum or to cast a vote. This amendment would allow board members, on a limited basis, to use modern technology to participate in meetings when they are not physically present.

Ballot Question:

4.Shall the Bylaws of Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation be amended to provide that under certain conditions, Directors may participate in Regular and Special Board Meetings via electronic means?

Article 4, Section 4.14 will be amended to add Paragraph 3 which shall read as follows:

For reasons set forth below, any Director may participate in a Regular or Special Called Meeting of the Board of Directors by electronic means.  Electronic participation shall mean the Director will not be physically present at a Regular or Special Called Meeting but they participate via telephonic or video telephonic means where there is two-way communication and the Director can be polled to cast a vote in any matter voted upon by the Board of Directors. Electronic participation shall be limited per policy set by the Board of Directors.