Tri-County EMC

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Board of Directors

Dan Greene

District 1, Post 1

Brenda P. Green

District 2, Post 1

Sammy Hall

Vice Chairman
District 3, Post 1

Chap Nelson

District 1, Post 2

George "Buck" Comer

District 2, Post 2

Tommy Noles

District 3, Post 2

Cecil Patterson

District 1, Post 3

Mike Rainey, III

District 2, Post 3

Marion Nelson

District 3, Post 3


Board members meet on the third Thursday of each month. If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with the board, please contact Sarah Curry at 478.986.8107 prior to the meeting to make an appointment to be placed on the agenda. 


Members of Tri-County EMC Board of Directors are more than just figureheads for the cooperative and the community. They are part of a working board that meets monthly and represents the members as users of the cooperative’s services. 

Serving as a director goes back to the Seven Cooperative Principles -- one of which is a duty of service to the community. The commitment of a director requires both education and training to be able to mitigate risk, approve the cooperative’s rates and budgets, understand power supply, make financial decisions, promote the cooperative business model and keep up to date on political and environmental news affecting cooperatives. 

Tri-County EMC seats a board of nine directors who meet monthly with the CEO and senior staff to review policy, assess rates and receive co-op updates. In addition to the monthly board meetings, they also spend time at home reading and keeping up-to-date on the electric industry, attending trainings, special events, seminars and national update meetings. 

In order to serve on the board, each of Tri-County EMCs directors went through the election process as noted in the cooperative’s bylaws. The members must first meet all the qualifications listed below. If all qualifications are met, members can be nominated for the election at the previous year’s annual meeting, by a member of the Nominating Committee or by petition. More information on this can be found in the How To Get On The Ballot section of this page. 


Ever wonder how the Board of Directors election process works for your co-op? Here’s an overview of director qualifications and steps taken to be on the ballot.

Qualifications to Serve on the Tri-County EMC Board:
(Reference: Bylaws Section 4.02 Qualifications)

  • Member cannot be a “close relative” of an incumbent director or an employee of the cooperative. As used in these bylaws, “close relative” means a person who is either a spouse, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, or niece, by blood or in law, of the principal.
  • Member must have a permanent residence served by Tri-County EMC
  • Candidate must be a member for at least 2 years prior to the election
  • Member must have the legal capacity to enter into contracts in the State of Georgia
  • Former Tri-County EMC employees must wait two years before being eligible to serve on the board
  • Member cannot be employed by or have any financial interest in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy or supplies to the cooperative

How to Get on the Ballot:
(Reference: Bylaws Section 4.06 Nominations)

To meet the qualifications to have your name placed on the ballot you must satisfy one of the options below by:

  • Being nominated by the Nominating Committee to be included on the ballot for the election. The Nominating Committee meets no less than 120 days prior to the annual meeting, held on the third Thursday in October each year. 
  • Submitting a petition signed by 50 fellow members. No electronic signatures accepted. Petitions must be submitted to the Nominating Committee no less than 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting, held on the third Thursday in October each year.


The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to nominate qualified director candidates residing in the district that has a director vacancy. In addition to nominating members themselves, they can also accept nominations from members outside the committee that would like to run for a director position. The 2022 Nominating Committee, and the results of the Nominating Committee meeting, are included the below. Those interested in running for a director seat had the option of contacting one of the Nominating Committee Members or Tri-County EMC at 478.986.8100 by June 1, 2022. If you were not selected by the Nominating Committee but would still like to be included on the ballot, you can do so by submitting a petition with 50 member signatures at least 90 days prior to the 2022 Annual Meeting. More information on this is included in our bylaws. 

Jones & Bibb
Emory Crumbley
Brent Miller
Laura Hardwick

Putnam, Jasper & Morgan
Carol Guthrie
Ken Farr
Joe Swift

Baldwin, Wilkinson & Twiggs
Chauncey Keaton
Jack Brock
Kevin Pope

Nominating Committee Meeting Results: Cecil Patterson (District 1, Post 3), Mike Rainey (District 2, Post 3) and Marion Nelson (District 3, Post 3) were all nominated. Their names will appear on the ballot as incumbents in the 2022 Tri-County EMC Director's Election. 

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