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Tri-County EMC member-owners have an important role in the annual meeting process. Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about the director election process.

How are director candidates elected?

A Board of Directors election is held annually, rotating each year by post. Ballots are sent to all members via mail or email. Ballots can be returned to Tri-County by mail, electronically, or in person at either office location. To be elected, the candidate must obtain a majority vote. Election results are announced at each year’s Annual Meeting. (Bylaws, Section 4.03, Election)

I would like to run for director. How do I qualify?

To meet the qualifications to have your name placed on the ballot you must satisfy one of the options below by:

  • A candidate must be a Tri-County EMC Member
  • A candidate cannot be a Close Relative of an incumbent director or an employee of Tri-County EMC
  • A candidate must have been a member for at least two years prior to the election
  • A candidate must have the legal capacity to enter into contracts in Georgia
  • Former Tri-County EMC employees must wait two years years before being eligible to serve as a director
  • A candidate cannot be employed by or have financial interest in a competing business (Bylaws, Section 4.02. Qualifications)

How can I get on the ballot?

There are two ways to become a candidate.

  1. Be nominated by the Nominating Committee - a group of up to nine members appointed by the Board of Directors. You may email the Nominating Committee at expressing your interested in being nominated. The committee will meet in May.
  2. Submit a petition to Tri-County EMC no less than 90 days prior to the annual meeting. The petition must be signed by at least 50 members of the cooperative. (Bylaws, Section 4.06. Nominations.) Contact Tri-County EMC to obtain a petition form.


The Nominating Committee meets annually to consider and nominate candidates for the three Board Posts up for election each year. Those candidates nominated by the committee will be placed on the ballot sent to and voted on by Tri-County EMC membership. The 2023 Nominating Committee includes the members below.

Jones & Bibb
Emory Crumbley
Brent Miller
Laura Hardwick

Putnam, Jasper & Morgan
Carol Guthrie
Jerry Sheppard
Stacey Holder

Baldwin, Wilkinson & Twiggs
Chauncey Keaton
Hunter Bacon

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