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Every April, electric cooperatives across the state take a moment to pay homage to the dedicated individuals responsible for, in simple terms, keeping our lights on. However, working as an electrical lineman is about as far from “simple” as an occupation can get. A highly traditionary trade cultivated by grueling work and extreme conditions, electrical line work is a career not suited for the faint hearted. From high-risk tasks such as climbing the highest power poles to operating heavy equipment, linemen must keep safety at the forefront of their minds at all times. As severe storms hit our communities and the inevitable damage to our infrastructure ensues, our devoted linemen remain ready to take the call.

When Tri-County EMC linemen were asked what characteristics someone should possess to be successful in their industry, good work ethic, ability to face adversity, and a strong safety mentality topped the list. "As a lineman I feel it is an opportunity to help everyone, because no matter who you are, you use electricity at some point," said Lineman Apprentice, Blade Thurmond. We are thankful not just one day in April, but 365 days out for the year for the dangerous work that our linemen do. In good weather and bad, linemen have your back and are ready to answer the call.

Interested in becoming an electric lineman? Visit and learn how to apply for the Tri-County EMC Lineman Scholarship.

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