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In September 2020, the Tri-County EMC Foundation Board approved grants for 5 projects, totaling $20,124.90 in Operation Roundup funds, to benefit organizations or individuals in local communities. 

Burn Foundation of America: $2,500 to purchase items to assist patients in the burn center, including pressure garments, virtual reality distraction therapy goggles, clothing and transportation vouchers. 

Habitat for Humanity of Putnam County: $5,675 to purchase and install an HVAC unit in a Habitat for Humanity home. 

New Damascus Baptist Church: $6,500 to repair the roof and replace damaged sheetrock for a paraplegic individual in Jones County. 

Operation Appreciation: $2,500 to help cover the basic needs of military families within the Tri-County EMC service area. 

Velma McFadden Missionary Food Pantry:  $2,950 in funds to purchase a tent to be used as shelter during food distribution and to help purchase food for the food pantry. 

• Application must be for a special project or need. Donations will not be made to an organization’s general budget.

• Project must be located within a county that Tri-County EMC serves (Baldwin, Putnam, Jones, Bibb, Jasper, Morgan Twiggs or Wilkinson County) 

• Organization must be a non-profit, civic, religious or government organization

About Operation Roundup: 
Operation Roundup is funded by voluntary contributions from Tri-County members to the Tri-County EMC Foundation. Participants have their monthly bill rounded up to the next dollar, with that surplus amount going to fund Operation Roundup. Any non-profit, civic, religious or government organization located within Tri-County’s eight county service area are eligible to receive funding. Applications must be for special needs or projects. Applications can be found on our website at or mailed upon request by calling 478.986.8126.The next deadline is December 1. 

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