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Keeping the lights on and providing safe service are two of our most important goals. Managing vegetation growth around power lines is critical to reliable service. Tri-County EMC is continuing its right-of-way maintenance efforts by partnering with a new contractor, Georgia Right-of-Way. Headquartered in Forsyth, Georgia Right-of-Way is a cooperative owned by and doing work for several EMCs in Georgia and Florida. They will begin working on Tri-County EMC’s right-of-way on March 30. 

“Trees or tree limbs falling into power lines can instantly knock out power to hundreds of members,” said Keith Brooks, VP of Operations. “While not all outages can be prevented, we can minimize damage and outage time by keeping the right-of-way clear.”

Georgia Right-of-Way will be Tri-County’s sole contractor for clearing and maintaining right-of-way. They will also be available to clear power lines from fallen trees and limbs following storms. With the goal of clearing right-of-way on each line every 5-7 years, you will likely see Georgia Right-of-Way crews in your area.

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