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Tri-County EMC has contracts that allow cable and telephone companies to attach their equipment to power poles in order to deliver their services to customers in our service area. Every five years, Tri-County performs an audit of our poles to confirm what equipment is on each pole. From September 2019 until July of 2020, Cappstone Energy Group will be performing an audit of the pole attachments on our entire system. These workers will check each pole in our service area to see what attachments are present, and what attachments have been removed. Cappstone contractors will have the Tri-County EMC logo displayed on their vehicle and ID badges identifying them as Cappstone employees and Tri-County contractors.  While these workers may need to be on your property to check a pole, they have no reason to be inside your home. If you have any questions regarding a Tri-County EMC employee or contractor on your property, contact us at 1.866.254.8100. 

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