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 Tri-County EMC has a strong foundation and is ready for the challenges and opportunities that will come our way in 2019. The electric industry is ever evolving, and change seems to be coming at us at an ever-increasing pace.  

Your EMC is well positioned to take advantage of new technologies. We will continually evaluate the best approach to assist you in using energy, including renewables, battery storage and electric vehicles. I encourage you to talk to EMC staff about how any of these might fit into your lifestyle. To better serve you, Tri-County is continuing to invest in new tools allowing us to respond to and restore power outages.

What happens on energy issues in the legislature and in Congress ultimately affects your wallet. Therefore, advocating locally, in Atlanta, and in Washington D.C. for the cooperative way of business and our members will always be important. We will work with our elected officials to keep a pulse on legislation and regulation.   
Our primary focus is you, the member-owner. Tri-County has been conducting quarterly surveys to find out how you think we are doing. For the last four quarters, you gave us satisfaction ratings of 86 or greater—a high B. We will continually work to increase your satisfaction with our service to you. A focus of the EMC will be to find new ways to get your thoughts and opinions. Watch for opportunities to participate in events where you can voice your opinion and share your needs or ways that we can better serve you.  

Most of all, here’s wishing you a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!


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