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Hurricane Michael Restoration

Friday, October 12, 3:30 PM:
All outages have been restored. Any meters that still have an outage have electrical damage that must be repaired before we can restore service. 

If a member is still out of power, we ask that they re-report it now. 

Thursday, October 11, 8PM:
Our crews have made great headway on restoration today. From the 3,700 meters originally out, we about 700 meters left to restore. 

If members have not reported their outage, we ask that they do so at this time using one of the methods listed below. If members have reported their outage, there is no need to re-report it at this time.

While our outage numbers continue to drop steadily, most of the remaining outages are small and widespread. Overnight and on Friday, restoration may seem to slow down when watching the outage viewer, as each remaining outage represents only one or two meters. 

"When we restore power, it takes the same amount of time and effort to restore 500 meters as it does to restore one or two," said Greg Mullis, VP of Corporate Services.  

Click here to see current outage numbers and a map of outages. 

Thursday, October 11, 1PM:

Down to 2,200 meters out from 3,700 this morning. 

While Michael, thankfully, left us with fewer outages than Irma, it did leave us with many small outages that are widespread. To put this in perspective, this means that working to repair one broken pole or remove a tree off of a line - which can take a few hours- may restore power to just a few meters.

We appreciate your patience as our crews continue to work to restore power to every member. 

Our thoughts are also with our fellow EMCs in South Georgia and Florida who have entire electric systems to rebuild.

Thursday, October 11, 5:30 AM:
As winds start to die down and it is safe for our linemen to work, we are sending crews out to assess damage and begin repairs. We have additional crews working with our linemen today to assist in restoration. 

If members have not reported their outage, we ask that they do so at this time using one of the methods listed below.

Be aware that there are downed power lines in the area. Stay away from ANY downed lines. Safety tips regarding generators are also included below. 

Please check our outage viewer for the most up-to-date numbers.

Wednesday, October 10, 10:50 PM:
Due to winds exceeding 30MPH, we have asked our crews to shelter in place until conditions are safe for them to work. Crews will be back out as soon as it is safe to do so.  

Wednesday, October 10, 8:55PM
We're beginning to see the effects of Hurricane Michael, with 159 meters without power. Outages are affecting members on Buck Rd., Pitts Chapel, River Rd., Deer Creek, Horace Veal, Camelot and Meriwether Rd. We do have crews working now, but once wind speeds reach 30pmh+, we will bring crews in for their safety.



Wednesday Morning Forecast Update:

Hurricane Michael, now a strong Category 4, will hit the Gulf Coast today. It will make landfall very close to Panama City.

For our area, forecasts now show Hurricane Michael entering central Georgia as a Category 1 Hurricane and downgrading to a tropical storm as is passes through. Expect to receive 3-5 inches of rain and see winds over 40 mph.

Extended power outages are expected. Make sure you keep all your devices charged and have your emergency kit ready.

We will continue to keep you updated throughout the storm.

Please refer to the Hurricane Prep Guide to make sure you are prepared. 

Forecast Wednesday at 9 AM
Expect winds up to 40 MPH with multiple inches of rain. Forecasted to enter Central Georgia as a Hurricane and downgrade to a Tropical Storm by the time it exits our area.