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It’s not surprising that electric vehicles continue to gain popularity across the world. When you compare operating costs, EVs are hands-down the winner for fuel costs and maintenance. With a rapidly growing range of electric cars and SUVs available and federal tax credits available to help with the purchase, a plug-in or plug-in hybrid car could keep thousands of dollars in your wallet while getting you to your destination in style.

Understanding the potential savings to your household or business from an electric vehicle has been simplified by the EPA’s introduction of the “mpg-e”. This rating lets you see the miles you get from “equivalent” amount of energy. For example, a Nissan Leaf has a rating of 115 mpg-e compared to 25-30 mpg from a typical gasoline-powered sedan and 20-25 mpg for an SUV.

Another important factor in examining whether an SUV is a good fit for you is your daily commute. A survey of Tri-County EMC members found that about 60% of our members drive less than 30 miles to and from work. 88% have less than a 60 mile commute. This easily fits into the range of most modern EVs, and certainly within the capability of being easily recharged overnight. 
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