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Decorative ImageElectric vehicles are gaining popularity as auto-makers have made great improvements in range and available features. Plug-in vehicles (PEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) continue to gain market share as these environmentally friendly autos move from novelties to practical, cost effective and stylish ways to transport us from place to place. To help our members better understand how electric vehicles could easily fit in their garage and their lifestyle, Tri-County EMC, in partnership with the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce, is hosting an Electric Vehicle Demonstration Day on November 1 at the Plaza Arts Center.

“The biggest hurdle for electric vehicles is ‘range anxiety’,” said Greg Mullis, vice president of corporate services and coordinator for the event. “Folks want to know that they can not only get to work and back home, but also jump in the car and head to Atlanta or Savannah without running out of battery power. And there are certainly many vehicles on the market that can do that just fine. There is also an ever-growing network of chargers, some capable of a full charge in under 30 minutes, that can help get you there and back.”Decorative Image

The Electric Vehicle Demonstration Day, or EV18 as we are calling it, will feature nationally known electric vehicle experts and a discussion about planning for charging options from the home to retail and municipal spaces. The fun part will be the opportunity to drive one of several electric vehicles at the event. “The most surprising part of experiencing an electric vehicle is the power—instant torque—from virtually every manufacturer’s car. EVs are fast and fun to drive.” 

So join us for a fun day of interactive information, great speakers and a chance to try out several EV models in a no pressure environment. Lunch will be provided for all attendees and there will be a number of booths available with information about vehicle chargers and other renewable resources. To help us plan for food, please RSVP at or call 478.986.8118.


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