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Our outage texting program gives you a quick and easy way to notify Tri-County EMC when your power goes out. Just set up your account using the steps below and text OUT to 85700 if your power goes out. 

Step 1: Make sure your cellphone number is listed on your account.
This system uses your cellphone to identify the location of the outage. You can use the member portal on to update your contact information or call us at 1.866.254.8100.

Step 2: Send textTCEMC to 85700.
Sending “textTCEMC” to phone number 85700 will enroll your account in the outage texting service. Allow 24 hours between Step 1 and Step 2. 

Step 3: Save 85700 in your phone as “Tri-County EMC Outage”.
During the next power outage, text OUT to 85700 to report your outage. 

Once enrolled, the below words can be used to communicate with Tri-County EMC via text.

OUT: Text OUT to 85700 to let us know your power is out. You will be asked to verify the location of the outage. 

STATUS: Send STATUS to 85700 after you have reported an outage to get updated information on outage restoration.

HELP: Sending HELP to 85700 will generate an auto-reply with information on technical assitance using the texting system.

STOP: To discontinue messages from the textTCEMC system, simply send STOP to 85700. 

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