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Over the coming weekend, a tropical depression is scheduled to make its way through the Tri-County EMC service area. Gusty winds and heavy rains are expected. Power outages may occur and we encourage you to be prepared.

One of the most important preparations you can make is to update the phone numbers on your account. This needs to be done BY SATURDAY. Instructions for this can be found below. We also highly recommend that use our mobile app (myTCEMC) or our outage texting system to quickly and easily report your outage. Our call center will be fully staffed and our automated outage reporting system will be taking calls. Depending on the call volume, you may experience long hold times and possibly busy signals. We also recommend using our outage viewer to monitor outage numbers and locations and restoration progress.

We ask that you watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates, but PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR OUTAGES TO SOCIAL MEDIA SITES as they are not equipped to pass this information into our outage management system.

If you plan to report your outage via text message, your cell phone number needs to be up-to-date TODAY. This can be done by calling 1.866.254.8100, select 4 for Customer Service, then select 3 to update your phone number. You will need to have your account number available.

You can also update your phone number using the online customer portal or myTCEMC mobile app. 

If your cell phone number is up-to-date in our system, you will be able to text "OUT" to 85700 to report your outage.

TIP: Save 85700 in your phone as Tri-County EMC Outage.

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Safety is very important to us.  During and after the storm, please observe these safety tips:

  • Stay away from all downed power lines.  Downed lines can be hidden in fallen trees, so always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid driving unless absolutely necessary. Watch for downed trees and wires in roadways.
  • Avoid running a generator inside the home or an enclosed space such as a garage. And NEVER directly connect a generator to your home's electrical system without a double throw transfer switch.

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