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Annual Meeting: October 19

One of the most important benefits of cooperative membership is your right to elect board members to represent you in running your cooperative. Elections are held annually and any member meeting the minimum qualifications can be elected to serve on the board of directors. The following bylaw excerpts will help you to better understand the nomination and election process. If you are interesting in running for a board position, contact Kim Broun at 478.986.8126 to determine if you meet the qualifications according to our bylaws. If you meet the qualifications, you will also need to submit your name to a member of the nominating committee (preferably from your board district) by June 22, 2017.

“I would like to run for director. How do I qualify?”
Directors are Tri-County members with their primary residence served by the co-op. “No person shall be eligible to become a director of the Cooperative who is not a member for a minimum period of two (2) years prior to the election of directors. No person shall be eligible for election thereto whose age, at the time of such election is less than eighteen (18) years of age. No person shall be eligible to become or remain a director of, or to hold any other position of trust in, the Cooperative who is in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise, or a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative.” (Bylaws, Section 4.02)

“What are the steps taken to elect directors?”
The Nominating Committee nominates director candidates. However, “any one hundred (100) or more members of the Cooperative, acting together over their signatures not less than ninety (90) days prior to the meeting, may make additional nominations . . . ” (Bylaws, Section 4.06) “At each annual meeting of the members, directors shall be elected by secret ballot, including those cast by mail or email, by the members . . . ” (You can mail or email your ballot or bring it to the annual meeting.) “ . . . provided, that, when the number of nominees per district does not exceed the number of directors to be elected from or for a particular Directorate District, and if there is no objection, balloting may be dispensed within respect of that election. Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present and voting including those votes cast by mail.” (Bylaws, Section 4.03) (72610001)

“How is the Nominating Committee elected?”
Elected at the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee serves the next year and meets at least 90 days before the annual meeting. (Bylaws, Section 4.06)

Interested in running for a board position? Contact Kim Broun to see if you qualify at 478.986.8126. If you do qualify, you will need to submit your name to a nominating committee member by June 22, 2017.

Nominating Committee

District 1
Bibb , Jones  & Twiggs Counties
Tracy Gattie
Norma Hancock
Thomas Comer

District 2
Jasper, Morgan & Putnam Counties
James Anderson
Carl Haizlip
Sandra McKinney

District 3
Baldwin & Wilkinson Counties
Jack Brock
Bruce Dempster 
Charles McCuen, Jr. 


Tri-County EMC Board of Directors

District 1
Bibb, Jones  & Twiggs Counties
*Post 1: Dan Greene
Post 2: Chester Mercer
Post 3: Cecil Patterson

District 2
Jasper, Morgan & Putnam Counties
*Post 1: Brenda P. Green
Post 2: Buck Comer
Post 3: Mike Rainey

District 3
Baldwin & Wilkinson Counties
*Post 1:Sammy Hall
Post 2: Tommy Noles
Post 3: Marion Nelson

* denotes directors up for re-election in October 2017

Decorative Image

L to R:  Back Row: Marion Nelson, Buck Comer, Sammy Hall, Brenda P. Green,
Chester Mercer, Cecil Patterson, Mike Rainey
Front Row: Tommy Noles, Dan Greene

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