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Lineman Appreciation Month in April

Throughout April, we will celebrate the true heroes of the electric business—our linemen. During Lineman Appreciation Month, we honor the linemen who work to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity. 

Linemen have a direct impact on our lives every day. Without our linemen, and the electricity we depend on every day, our lives would be completely different. Just imagine. No lights. No microwaves. No cell phone chargers. 

On a daily basis, they perform dangerous and critical work. From pole replacements to underground locates, everything is done to deliver reliable electric service and to keep our members safe. 

“Our linemen work very hard to keep power flowing to your home and they don’t always get the recognition they deserve,” said Grinberg. “This month, I encourage you to thank the linemen that bring you electricity, making your lives easier every day.”

Tri-County is proud to honor our line workers who maintain 2,100 miles of power lines in Tri-County EMC’s service territory. We invite members to take a moment and #thankalineman for the work they do each day by posting a message to Tri-County EMC’s Facebook Page. (64857001)