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Now that school is almost out for summer, kids will soon spend their days outside playing in the yard or may move their games inside to keep cool. We encourage you to be mindful of the dangers of electricity and to share electrical safety tips with your children.

Electrical Outlets
Thousands of children are treated in hospitals each year for injuries resulting from inserting metal objects into electrical outlets. Plastic outlet protectors are a great way to protect smaller children from outlets, but installing electrical outlets designed to remain closed until a plug is inserted is a safer bet. 

Extension Cords
Be sure to cover all unused outlets of an extension cord with outlet covers or electrical tape. Keep loose cords out of children’s reach and out of the walking path. Cords within the child’s reach pose a choking hazard, while cords on the ground could cause a child to trip and fall. 

Flying Kites
Always fly kites in open areas away from power lines and busy streets. If a kite does get tangled in a power line, drop the string and walk away. 

Stay away from pad-mount transformers, substation fences and any other electrical equipment. If for some reason a ball or other toy ends up inside a substation, do not attempt to climb the fence to retrieve it. Substations are locked because dangerous, high-voltage equipment is inside. 

Climbing Trees
Don’t climb trees near power lines. Live wires touching tree limbs pose a risk of electric shock for children climbing on them. (84511002)

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