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As electric bills rise during the hot summer months, scammers are taking advantage of members of electric cooperatives by offering false help with energy bills.

Cooperative members from around the state of Georgia and the nation  have been contacted by scammers via phone, flier, social media and text message claiming that President Obama will help pay energy bills under a special federal program if they provide personal information, including bank routing numbers and Social Security numbers. In exchange for their personal information, victims receive a fake bank routing number to pay their bills.

Members who have fallen victim to this scam believe their energy bill has been paid, and therefore do not check with the utility company to see if payment was actually received.  This may result in unpaid balances, late fees and even in some cases disconnections.

“We want to warn members to guard their personal information and financial information from anyone who requests it,” said Greg Mullis, VP of Energy Services at Tri-County EMC. “Scammers are targeting electric cooperative members across the nation, and everyone needs to be aware of the scam.”

If you, or anyone you know, have been affected by this scam, please contact Tri-County EMC at 1.866.254.8100 and law enforcement officials immediately.

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