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In October, Tri-County EMC will begin collecting franchise taxes for the cooperative’s electric customers located within the city limits of Eatonton, Georgia.  Under Georgia law, O.C.G.A. 48-5-420, municipalities may elect to tax revenue on the distribution and sale of utility products such as electricity. Under rights granted by this code, the city of Eatonton will levy a 4% tax on revenue from kWh sales to Tri-County members within the city of Eatonton. Tri-County EMC will pass this charge along to each electric consumer affected by the new tax. The tax will appear as a line item on your Tri-County EMC statement labeled, “City of Eatonton Franchise Tax.” Under Georgia law, sales tax will also be applied to this charge.

A letter explaining the new tax was mailed in late September to all affected Tri-County EMC members residing within the city limits of Eatonton. You may view a copy of the letter here.

Should you have any questions about the Eatonton franchise tax or about any other billing matter, please feel free to contact a Tri-County EMC representative at 706.485.5221 or 1.866.254.8100.

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