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Outdoor Lighting

Nothing adds security to your home like outdoor lighting.

Come home to security every time by installing Tri-County EMC outdoor lighting. For a small monthly fee, Tri-County will provide maintenance and electric energy for your outdoor light, starting at just $9.00 per month for a 50 W LED. A number of other wattages and fixture types are available. Tri-County will also install a new pole for your light for just $300.00 plus an additional $1.00 per month service charge. If your light requires a pole, our engineering department will need to determine if a pole can be installed. Tri-County will not install poles where they cannot be accessed by the company for either installation or maintenance.  For your convenience, payment options of one, three or twenty-four months are available for the costs of pole installations. If there is a pole that doesn’t have a power source for a light within a 100 FT distance, a transformer will have to be installed to serve the light. The cost for the transformer to serve the light is $500.00. One of our engineers will be glad to meet you to assess your lighting needs and any associated fees. 

The following are a sample of the fixtures and wattages with prices available. All Tri-County EMC outdoor lighting requires a twenty-four month contract prior to installation.

Fixture Wattage & Type: Monthly Charge & Type:
50 W LED                                                                                                                                              $9.00
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